GREAT, we did not only have a discussion around migration and the transnational making of post 1945 Germany (Rita Chin) and the USA (Ian Tyrrell) but you also started thinking ahead about your projects. Most of you have already penned down a few key words, potential themes for your long project / essay.

Week 3 - Pub Talk "transnationally"
Week 3 – Pub Talk “transnationally”

Next to reading on micro-macro for next week, our advice would be to set aside 2-3 hours (perhaps experiment with the Pomodori method) and think it further. All of you mention potentially great topics to explore from “sexual revolution”, “dissemination and impact of political ideas”, “Pan German identity in border regions”, and many more.

Strong research starts from questions, a research interest. Ask yourself what you want to know? Ask yourself what the transnational twist could be? Ask yourself how feasible your idea is – having pragmatic aspects such as language in mind. Again, its does not have to be standard essay – it can be an open project that explains the rationale of a bigger project, the transnational dimension, the sources, perhaps only with a smaller case study in it.

We can and will discuss this further – but start thinking ahead. Our Unconference, your Project Proposal will come quickly after next week’s class.


Transnational Pub Talk – Week 3
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