Homework may be old-fashioned – but does the trick.

For Week 3: Please prepare the following. 

Key reading.

One blog post (your first or second one! The full 20 points in sight.)

Also, in class #week 2 we did some group writing on the “Possibilities” a transnational / global perspective offers. In hindsight: Did we really flesh this out? Perhaps revisit that question with the new readings for #week3 in mind. Do these texts (transnational history in practice) link back and reflect earlier readings: Clavin, Oxo, AHR?

For Week 2: Please prepare the following.

-Key readings as explained in the Course Handbook (see page ABOUT).

-Some ideas for discussion: Think about transnational & transnational. The shift in emphasis (more trans, more national?) How might this alter the approach or topic? Are we discussing a “method” or a more loosely defined “approach” overall? What are the fields (old and new) in transnational and global history? If an older well-established field springs to mind, how would a transnational agenda alter the perspective? As historians we operate in space and time (chronology). What are the challenges, perhaps pitfalls for a transnational / global historian?

But these are just ideas. Yours are more than welcome. Do the reading but then zoom-in, pick and choose what you find relevant for discussion.

And now to the tech stuff:

-Sign-up to and download Zotero Bernhard (bs50@st-andrews.ac.uk) has sent you an invite with your email address for the group folder on Transnational History.

-Sign-up to transnationalhistory.net and we will then change your status to author.

-Join the shared google.folder where some, it not most of the writing in progress and drafting can happen in class and out of class. 

-Finally, write your first piece – and publish on THIS BLOG (by Monday midday).