I really enjoyed going through everyone’s presentations, I am so impressed in how everyone came up with such unique and interesting topics! I also really loved this class, it not only challenged me academically, but also enlightened me about the possibility of transnational studies and how it can be applied in any area of history. And of course everyone in the class was amazing, as well as Bernhard and Milinda. I was always happy to go to class and excited to hear everyone’s opinions and ideas. 😀

Sophie: I really love your research topic! It is so unique and focusing on Czechoslovakia and South Africa combines two areas and a relationship that is overlooked within historical analysis. Your powerpoint is very well made and covers all the progress of your research project so far. It shows how much work you have done so far, and the questions at the end help show where you still want to go with your research. You seem to be in a really good place so far!

Your understanding of methodology is impressive, and I really like how you are applying your research to look at trends of the global world. Specifically when you mentioned the “transnational quality of human rights.” Being able to connect to a wider topic shows how well researched your project is at this point! 

Marion: Your topic is very interesting as well, as you said, very relevant to today’s climate crisis, as it can not be combated without a transnational effort. Being able to see the importance of transnational analysis years ago shows the continual need for transnational analysis throughout history and a transnational action today. Your presentation is very well organized and shows that you have prepared well so far. Your research questions are clear and you have a clear understanding of the historiography, as well as the gaps within existing research that you are able to cover within your research project. I also like how you address the integration of topics together, showing how you will bring a new way of thinking into your historical analysis. Your presentation shows that you have researched everything well so far and you have a clear understanding of the topic. 

Watching everyone’s presentation, I feel a bit of regret on my own, as mine was more focused on the topic rather than my research project. But I am still happy with mine, and watching everyone else’s presentations helps put in perspective what I need to get done to turn my essay in in two weeks. I am excited for the next couple weeks to finish working and turn in a completed project!

Some Presentation Feedback