#THRaSH is for Tools, Habits, Routines & Study Hacks

This module is first and foremost about History, about Transnational and Global History in the Late Modern World. As passionate teachers, however, we encourage the building of professional routines, the critical (self)reflection of habits, we would like to inspire you to learn and integrate new tricks and try new study hacks.

This is the space where we (together with you), will build a repository of teaching-working-creativity related ideas and where we will share links to readings and blogs on productivity and collaborative work flows.

To start with an open invitation. Ask yourself at the start of term:

  • What would I like to improve in my performance? Am I the writer I wish to be? Am I the
    presenter I aspire to be? Writer
  • What is the weak spot in my daily habits? (Do I check Facebook every 15 minutes while trying to deep read or focus on writing?)
  • Am I a procrastinator or perfectionist – or both? (Which comes first?)
  • What are the two habits I wish to build into my daily & weekly routines? (Have I ever tried focused, quiet writing 90 minutes first thing in the morning?)



images-2Do not try too much too quickly. But whatever you integrate as new habits, ideally we would like to see you getting through this module, your degree and life more easily. Not to be mistaken that new habits come easily, they take time. Writing first thing in the morning is tough the first day & week – but can be a pleasure after four when I realise the essay is (essentially) done a week in advance.





Week 5, the Library is busy. I wish I could write in a silent forest, all on my own. TypewriterWe cannot promise being alone, but the forest is here. Or is it more the buzz of a coffee shop or seminar room you need to keep you ticking? Enter here.

Try: www.noisli.com & www.coffitivity.com. If social media interruption is a serious challenge, spend a few pounds on FREEDOM.




Have you ever been barking up the wrong tree? If so, there is a lot to learn and think about habits, routines, productivity or creative environments – or simply getting the balance right between putting in the hours for work and your studies and time off, read here. Take some time throughout the term to read and think about routines and habits. A great, inspiring read on habits and productivity is Manage your Day-to-Day.