(Project Proposal) Transcending the Tikka Masala: The Local and Transnational Role of Garam Masala and Spiciness in the Construction and Colonisation of Indian Identity through Food Culture.

Context Garam Masala, Tikka Masala and Spiciness are all commonly discussed terms in the realm of Indian food overseas. The sheer ubiquity and nature of the “Indian Takeout” in the United Kingdom, often with an only passing resemblance to recipes

Project Proposal: Black Metal, Ukrainian Nationalism, and the Transnational Far-Right: How the legacy of Norwegian Black Metal feeds into the modern-day narrative of extreme right-wing politics.

Drudkh is a band in Ukraine who, despite never having performed live, given any interviews, or released any biographical information about themselves, have hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify, even though the streaming service only expanded its operations to