Hi Laura C. really excellent presentation, I love your structure and the way you utilized and organized sources to present a coherent and effective argument. The specificity too, in which you are placing your argument, I believe will serve you well and help establish a fleshed out argument for yourself. 

The only comment I’d recommend is in regard to possible obervations of how Vichy, and its fascism, interacted with the French colonial empire under its control. This could open up avenues of comparison to the Italian which may inspire rich analytical products. Of course this would expand the scope of the argument quite a bit, so more of a contemplation than a hard recommendation. 

Also, great presentation Laura H., really loved the structuring of your presentation and even for the un-initiated it was quite easy to follow your subject so extra commendations for that. 

The only recommendation I have is that the language section seems an especially ripe one to tackle, so extra research in that area may be well warranted and reap useful results. Other than that stellar job! 

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