Angus’ Presentation Comments

Hey Angus, great presentation!

I like how you laid out your questions at the start and followed with your historiography and how it relates to your questions.

You raised good points on asymmetrical comparisons and how it’s asymmetrical to make sure there isn’t any “competition” between comparing the two groups. Therefore, your justification is well made, and I appreciate that you understand there may be troubles in conducting an asymmetrical comparison as your methodology, yet it’s worth trying as there’s still a high chance of understanding similarities and differences between the two groups you’re trying to compare.

I also really like how you’re being creative in your primary sources such as using court documents and visitor accounts.

Keep up the good work!

Karen’s Presentation Comments

Hey Karen,

Your presentation was super great and informative! You made a super clear start and told us your methodology right at the beginning, which was comparison. Your topic is highly complex; therefore, you did a really great job in stating which three areas your project will focus on to keep a straight and concise thesis.

I really liked how concise you were with your facts and gave us all a thorough background of migration, wages and living costs, and working and living conditions in both Bengal and Dundee.

Your bibliography was superb, using both primary and secondary sources. However, I think from your presentation I would have liked to have seen how you used them in your findings so far. Besides this, it was a truly great presentation and highly informative!

Rory’s Presentation Comments

Hey Rory,

Really cool topic! I was immediately engaged to your presentation just by your presenter voice, it was super clear, and you enunciated very well (your title slide sounded like you were a pilot lol).

It’s very clear that you have done a lot of research already, and it was very noticeable when you talked about the author of the blog – it showed great engagement with your sources.

I think it would have been cool to see some examples of primary source analysis, for example, you said analysis of the art from Black Metal artists would be seen in your essay, but perhaps an example of how you would go about that would really enrich your presentation in my opinion.

Your engagement with historiography is great though, especially how you went through each type of study and stated some of their arguments.

Great presentation!

Presentation comments

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  • April 20, 2021 at 12:07 pm

    Hi Naomi, thanks for the comments, I totally agree about the primary source analysis, I will keep that in mind for next time!

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