Thank you for a great start yesterday. We ran through the practicalities, scope and rationale of the module, we had a moment of confession time on “weaknesses”, habits (good and bad and new). Also, we ran through the assessment side of the module. It is slightly different, with a number of smaller components and, do not panic, we will come back and explain in more detail throughout the semester.

In the next day or two you will receive the invite to this wordpress (site & blog) – the HEART of this module – as well as an invite to our shared google.doc and folder with additional information and in-class writing space. If any problems occur, we will get this solved in class next week Tuesday.

All should be very straight-forward, so happy reading and blogging – Monday NOON it is!

P.S. Here is the gentle reminder of our sticker time yesterday. Confession timeOur confessions to work on, ranging from “writing more drafts”, “not staring into blank space and finding focus”, “how to focus”, “better execute my beautifully planned semester – looks great on paper… but…” or “be consistent”.

On focus, well, perhaps go to #THRaSH and try or So what is new in your routine this week? Pre-breakfast focused writing? Snack-writing at Rector’s Café for 45 mins. Surprise yourself!



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