The Tutorials

Please Note: The tutorials developed for this website were designed for QGIS 2.x. QGIS is now available with a newer 3.x version and some tutorials may not be entirely accurate. Until these tutorials can be updated, a series of YouTube video tutorials have been created that is updated to the newer version of QGIS and are available here: QGIS 3.x Tutorial Playlist – Konrad M. Lawson, July, 2021.

You may take our tutorials from A to Z or choose from the list below.

1. Finding and adding a base layer

2. Point Vector Layers: how to depict points on a map

3. Finding, Importing, and Editing Shapefiles

4. Georeferencing maps

5. Drawing features from a georeferenced map

6. Performing Queries

7. Data Visualisation on your Map

8. Depicting Routes

9. Changing Projections

10. Exporting your map